Stained Glass Panels

Stained Glass Panels

These projects celebrate a variety of occasions including weddings, anniversaries, acknowledgements of service, business logos and more.


Caron Art Glass stained glass panel with fused glass element
Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever) – anniversary gift

I created these panels to be displayed in front of existing windows.  The designs range from specific to abstract with varying degrees of input from the client.  For some clients, the design is very particular, such as the Welsh dragon.  While for others, the design needs to be developed.  By listening to the client, I translate thoughts to design.


caron art glass stained glass panel beveled glass
hanging panel -Night Sail

Traditionally, artisans built stained glass windows using lead came.  It is faster to work with as the artist need only solder the joints of each lead line and once puttied, a leaded panel is weather proof.  The copper foil method was pioneered by L.C. Tiffany to execute designs with more complex lines and to make very large panels lighter in weight.  Because the artist wraps each piece of glass in a strip of copper foil, the lines of the design can be very precise.  Though the artist solders the length of each line, a copper foiled panel is lighter in weight.  I use both methods, selecting the best match for the particulars of the project.


caron art glass stained glass panel with fused glass elements
wedding gift -It’s A Small World

When it comes to framing, I can leave the panel framed in zinc came and add hanging hardware or build a double-sided wood frame.  The double-sided frame gives the stained glass window a finished look from both front and back.  This is particularly important when the client is hanging the panel between two rooms.  I custom make my own wood frames to fit a specific panel.