Fused Glass Tableware

Fused Glass Tableware

Fused glass tableware from Caron Art Glass makes a wonderful house warming gift, wedding gift or personal treasure to add to your home’s decor.  The pieces are food safe and ready to be used and enjoyed.

Art For the Table

Caron Art Glass fused glass tableware
platter -Big Sur

Fused glass tableware from Caron Art Glass is art for the table.  I create a range of items from large to small.   Items include platters, wine serving trays, dinner plates, wine bottle coasters, drink coasters and bottle stoppers.  My fused glass tableware will add a burst of color to your table at your next soirée.

Hand Raked Fused Glass

Caron Art Glass fused glass wine serving tray tableware
wine serving tray -Château Mazails

I often include hand raked fused glass in my tableware making each piece truly unique.  I make the glass by layering various colors of glass onto a clear blank, heating it to 1700 degrees in my kiln and then raking across the surface.  The resulting swirls of color flow and create eddies for a very organic, painterly look.