Fused Glass Sculptures

Fused Glass Sculptures

Freestanding art

My fused glass sculptures are free standing and meant to transmit and reflect the ambient light of the space in which they are placed.  Table tops, room dividers, open shelving all provide places where a fused glass sculpture can draw the eye.  As you move through the space, your vantage creates a new version of the sculpture.

Hand raked Fused Glass

Caron Art Glass Portfolio Fused Glass Sculptures hand raked blue green fused glass table sculpture lava rock base

One of the techniques that I use in many of my sculptural pieces is raking glass.  I heat the glass to near molten and then rake across the surface to create eddies and swirls of color.  This techniques makes each piece quite unique and offers the possibility of many color combinations and variations.    I enjoy using materials that create a contrast to present the glass such as copper, granite, slate, wood, etc.  Limitless has a lava rock base.  However, the lava comes from China rather than Hawai`i.

Sculpture for Day or Night

Sleeping Dragon fused glass night sculpture night light illuminated
Sleeping Dragon

I set some of my fused glass sculptures in a base that includes a 4 watt bulb and call these pieces night sculptures.  Many of them are for children’s rooms.  In addition to being appreciated during the day, the light can be turned on for evening illumination.  I often include a moon in the design.