Caron Art Glass

custom glass artwork and unique hand crafted gifts stained glass window Welsh Dragon
Stained glass panel with fused glass element -Cymru Am Byth – Wales Forever

Caron Art Glass specializes in custom glass artwork and hand crafted gifts.  Would you like a stained glass panel to add privacy to your front door side light?  Perhaps a fused glass sculpture to add interest to the room?   A fused glass and French wine crate end wine serving tray to use at your next party?  Maybe a fused glass business card holder to celebrate a friend’s new business?  Whatever you order from Caron Art Glass, you will know that it is unique and handcrafted by me, Michelle Caron.



Custom Glass Artwork

Caron Art Glass stained glass window fused glass elements hand raked glass
stained glass side light -Na honu i ka poli o ke kai

When you commission a piece of artwork, it can be a very rewarding experience.  The result is a piece of art to which you have a uniquely personal connection. I find that listening is the best way to understand what a piece should achieve.  My goal is to develop a design that works for you.   I look forward to creating a  piece of art that expresses your artistic sensibilities.  Please contact me, Michelle,  via e-mail at:

A Unique Handcrafted Gift

custom glass artwork unique hand crafted gifts fused glass candle arch
Coral Reef – fused glass candle arch and wind light

I create unique handcrafted art in a world that is more and more mass produced.  My work is small scale and deliberate which means your gift will truly be one of a kind.  If you need a piece more quickly,  below you’ll find links to my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  There, you can browse through a selection of ready to purchase items.   Each would make a unique gift or addition to your own home’s decor.  The sections include fused glass sculptures, table ware, jewelry, bagatelles, items for the office and library.  Please check shop policies for international shipping information.

Fine Arts Top Maker Award -2016


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