Stained Glass Christmas Creche and Santons

stained glass Christmas creche santons

Christmas creche -stained glass

Stained Glass Christmas Creche and Santons

In France, setting up the Christmas creche scene is a treasured tradition.  In addition to the manger, shepherds and wisemen, everyone in the village is included.  The baker and his wife, the miller, the gossip on her donkey, everyone has a gift to bring to the newborn baby.  These visitors to the manger are called santons, or little saints.  They have been created by artisans in southern France for centuries from the local clay.  The clay is pressed into molds, bisque fired and then hand painted.  Over the years, I have created versions of many of the santons in stained glass.  They are dimensional and can be illuminated with a tea light at night.  Joyeux Noël!


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