About Caron Art Glass Galleries

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries
hand raked fused glass cabinet insert

The Caron art Glass Project Galleries display a collection of my work organized into various categories.  They include: sculpture; panels; architectural installations; lighting; mosaic; tableware; jewelry; bagatelles; Christmas Crêche and Santons.  I hope the images give you a sense of what is possible and perhaps  inspire you to have a piece of art created just for you.  If you see something that interests you or that you have a question about, please contact me, Michelle, at mcaron@caronartglass.com

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Sculpture

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Fused Glass Sculpture
Limitless -fused glass sculpture

The sculptures that I create combine fused glass with other materials such as copper, slate, granite, wood, etc.  I think the contrast between the smooth plasticity of the fused glass and the texture of the other elements creates visual interest.  I enjoy creating the sculptures because it allows me to think in three dimensions which adds challenge and possibilities.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Panels

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Panels
Lokahi at Noon -stained glass panel

The panels in this collection have been created for many purposes.  Some were wedding or retirement gifts, other were done for businesses to showcase their logos.  Stained glass panels have the flexibility to be displayed in different locations and to be moved to a new location easily.  I create the designs in concert with the client’s ideas and taste in mind.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Architectural Installations

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Architectural Installations
Na honu i ka poli o ke kai (Turtle in the Heart of the Sea) -stained glass sidelight

I designed the panels that are highlighted in this section to be permanently installed as part of the architecture of the building.  They are located in both public and private spaces that included residences, churches, mosques, libraries and even yachts.  I develop the design with the surrounding architecture in mind.

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Lighting
Kailua Front Lanai Lanterns- fused glass panels

Caron Art Glass Galleries: Lighting

The lighting creations in this gallery provide examples of some of the ways that glass can be used to add color and interest to various locations both inside and out.  Some examples use traditional stained glass while others use fused glass.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Mosaic

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Mosaic
Croeso (Welcome) -art glass mosaic

Examples of mosaic work include the use of art glass tesserae, fused glass, broken dishes, stones, sea shells and the possibilities are endless.  You can permanently install a piece of mosaic or frame it and hang it on a wall.  I give special pieces of dish ware that are now broken a new purpose as I integrate them into a new piece of artwork.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Tableware

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Table Ware
Lu`au -fused glass wine coaster and stopper

I showcase a range of fused glass table ware in this gallery.  The items range from serving platters to wine bottle coasters.  I frequently use hand raked glass for the table ware which makes each piece very unique.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Office And Library

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Office and Library Business Card Holder
Hanalei Bay -fused glass business card holder

The items featured in this gallery offer unique ideas for ways to stay organized.  Fused glass business card holders, bookmarks and lamp pulls make wonderful gifts.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Jewelry

Caron Art Glass Projects Galleries Jewelry
Hawaiian Orchid -fused glass pendant

The jewelry I create often features dichroic glass to add some pop to the piece.  Pendants can range from petit to statement size.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Bagatelles

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Bagatelles
Patience -fused glass bagatelle

I create bagatelles as small pieces of fused glass art that add a bit of whimsy to a room or garden.  You can suspend them in front of a mirror, from a lamp or even hang from a tree branch.

Caron Art Glass Galleries:  Crêche and Santons

Caron Art Glass Project Galleries Crêche and Santons
Woman with Lavender -stained glass santon

This gallery features stained glass Christmas crêche and santons and they are an expression of my love for things French.  At Christmas, people in the south of France create entire scenes using terra cotta figurines.  They are molded, bisque fired and then finally hand painted to look like the Holy Family and the villagers.  Each one has a special gift to share with the newborn baby.  These figurines, called santons, inspired the stained glass creations.

I hope you enjoy the Caron Art Glass galleries.




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