Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary with a Stained Glass Window

Caron Art Glass Mokoli`i (Chinaman's Hat) stained glass window

A showstopper of a gift

stained glass window by Caron Art Glass view of Mokoli`i (Chinaman's Hat) seen from Kualoa b
stained glass window Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat)

Having a stained glass window created to celebrate your wedding anniversary is a showstopper of a gift. My client had exactly this idea in mind when he contacted me. He knew he wanted the design to include Kualoa beach looking out at Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat) and the word Enfin (Finally). He was leaning toward a Victorian style that harkened back to he and his wife’s growing up years on the East Coast. My job was to bring these elements to life in a design that would merit this important celebration.

I produced four designs for the client consider.   While each one had the main elements,  I played with color and organization to create a different overall feel.  This gave the client a concrete sense of the possibilities. As we considered the elements, we could rearranged, recombined, included, omitted them. He ended up selecting one of the designs the way I had presented it.  The result is a stained glass window that will celebrate their marriage for years to come.