Stained Glass Window for a Birthday Gift- Na Honu i ka Poli o ke Kai

Caron Art Glass stained glass window fused glass elements hand raked glass

The perfect birthday gift for her husband

A stained glass window birthday gift?? If a new neck tie isn’t cutting it, commissioning a stained glass window could be the perfect solution.  The client wanted to have a stained glass window built to celebrate her husband’s birthday – and it was a surprise!  They had just completed remodeling their 1960’s bungalow.  The door had a side light that had been covered with a bamboo decal.  The stained glass window would be the final step in the remodel and take the place of the bamboo decal.

Create a design that celebrates the client

stained glass window birthday gift
Na honu i ka poli o ke kai (Turtle in the Heart of the Sea)

I created the design to celebrate the color aqua, and the Hawaiian green sea turtle.  Aqua is the client’s favorite color and features prominently in her home’s decor.  A stylized version of the Hawaiian sea turtle is part of the logo on her husband’s business card.  Like most front door side light windows, it is tall and narrow.  The sweeping diagonal of the water currents adds a very dynamic feel to the design despite the narrow space.  Areas of hand raked glass give the piece a very unique look and add to the flowing movement of the color.

A One of a kind birthday gift

In order to make this a surprise gift, I had a firm dead line by which to finish the window.  The plan was to install the window while her husband was at work.   When he came home that evening, the new stained glass window was there to meet him.  The rich colors and dynamic design flow make a great first impression as you come into their home.  By featuring elements that are special to the client and her husband,  this is a one of a kind gift.  Happy Birthday!