Stained Glass Windows for a Remodeled Home- Honu Serenade

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Stained Glass Windows Compliment a Sliding Glass Door

The two stained glass windows were part of a complete home remodel.  The plan for the  master bedroom included a new set of sliding glass doors that would open out onto a second story lanai.  The two side windows would be done in stained glass.  The stained glass windows would add color to the decor, privacy for the bedroom area and provide an opportunity for the home owners’ interests to be a part of the finished look.

stained glass windows for remodeled home
Two stained glass windows as part of a remodeling project

Interests and Passions as Design Inspiration

stained glass windows for architectural installation
Honu Serenade (left)

Gale  loves Hawaiian sea turtles – honu, and so the design for the pair of windows started with that element as a certainty.  She is also an accomplished quilter.  While visiting their home, I got to see some of her beautiful creations. The colors of one of her favorite quilts inspired the palette for the background glass.  I used a range of blues from pale to navy with areas of textured clear glass as well.  When developing the design, knowing the client’s passions and talents provides a source of ideas to bring to the table that might otherwise remain untapped.

Arnie is an avid deep sea diver and underwater photographer and has taken some amazing photos of both honu and other sea creatures.  He is partial to parrot fish (uhu), and Moorish idols (kihikihi).  I wanted the placement of these various creatures to create a sense of movement in the design.  In this way, I could unite the design of the two windows even with the sliding door between them.

Including Fused Glass Elements in a Traditional Stained Glass Window

The glass for the parrot fish and Moorish idols combines fused glass with traditional stained glass techniques.  I used glass powder  fired onto the base glass to get the yellow pigment of the Moorish idols and the vivd colorings of the parrot fish.  In addition, fusing allowed me to add some expressive lines to the parrot fish that really brings them to life.  Combining fused glass techniques and elements into a traditional stained glass window provides more design opportunities that stained glass alone.

A Successful Remodeling Project

stained glass windows for architectural installation
Honu Serenade (right)

It was wonderful seeing their faces once the windows were installed.  The installation not only marked the conclusion of an lengthy remodeling project but the beginning of having a new master bedroom to enjoy for years to come.  Gale named the turtles and I suspect she says goodnight them.