Fused Glass Wall Art – Lake Titicaca

architectural stained glass windows for architectural installation

Lake Titicaca - left panelFused Glass Wall Art

Fused glass wall art provides a burst of color for any room.  This particular project is a replacement for a kitchen window.  The client had remodeled his home and what had once been an exterior window was now an interior wall.  The idea was to create a glass piece that would fill the former window space and be lit from behind.  The client provided me with many photos of places he and his wife had traveled.  The photo from their stay at Lake Titicaca was selected for both the memories and the vibrant colors.

Hand Raked Glass Provides a Bold Fauvist Palette

Lake Titicaca left panelI really enjoy raking glass.  For me, it’s a bit like cooking in that my approach is to first create a series of color recipes. Which colors are the primary flavors and then which will provide the contrast or spice?  How will the various raked areas or plates interact, contrast and support each other?  Once I have my recipes sketched out, I begin the assemblage of the colored glass onto the iridescent clear glass base.  I like to use nippers to beak up the glass as they can achieve the most unusual shapes with twists and turns that somehow the glass can permit.  I don’t usually have a plan for this phase- I just keep adding colors and shapes until it tastes right.

lake-titicaca-installedTravel Memories

This project gave me the opportunity to create a diptych based upon photos from the client’s travels to Lake Titicaca entirely with raked glass.  Each time they look at their new wall art, memories of their adventures will return.   I’ve kept all of the remnants which I use like choice left overs in other dishes that I’m still making.