Wine Serving Platter of Hand Raked Fused Glass and Up-Cycled Wine Crate Ends

Unique Wine Serving Tray

wine serving tray of hand raked glass and up-cycled French wine crate end
Château Mazails wine tray

Combining my hand raked fused glass with French wine crate ends to create a unique wine serving tray seems obvious now.  But at first, I wasn’t sure what to do with these wonderful crate ends.  As someone who enjoys all things viticulture, I was immediately drawn to the listing by the folks at Vintage French Linens.  Once I received them and saw all of the wonderful logo art from the various Bordeaux wineries, I knew my challenge was to see how I could transform them into something interesting while also maintaining their artistic integrity.

wine serving tray of hand raked glass and up-cycled French wine crate end
l’Heritage d’Aupenac wine tray

Sometimes the Most Straight Forward Idea Is the Best

At first, I had visions of complicated mosaic work.  I could incorporate fused wine bottles to create mosaic tiles and including wine labels, corks, anything to do with wine.  My imagination went wild and someday I may give that a try.  But this was not the time.  I decided to create large wine coasters using hand raked glass and combine that with the wine crate end to produce a unique wine serving tray.  For one of the trays, I chose winter night blues and for another, the colors of the fall vineyard just at harvest time.

Though I cut into the crate end to create the space for the wine coaster, the winery logo is in tact flowing from the raked glass.  The bottle of wine nestles in the coaster while 4 wine glasses can be served on the crate end.  I sealed the wood to prevent drips from staining it.  The piece is framed in mahogany and has rubbed bronze handles on either end.  Sometimes the most straight forward idea is the best.

À votre santé!