Large Stained Glass Window: Crescent and Star

Caron Art Glass architectural stained glass windows for architectural installation

Working Large

Caron Art Glass architectural stained glass windows for architectural installation
stained glass foyer window -Star and Crescent

A large stained glass window poses many challenges for a solo artist in a small studio.   As I was developing the design for this project, it was clear that the structural elements of the window were going to play a very important role.  “Build it strong” are watch words I have always tried to heed but for this project, they were essential.  The panel dimensions were 62″ x 82″ and it was going to be shipped across the country to be installed in a second story window.

Geometric Design Elements

Caron Art Glass Islamic Stained Glass window crescent and star architectural stained glass window
each section framed in zinc came

The design elements are very geometric and by using zinc came to frame various sections, I could construct the panel in parts.   The internal zinc came also provided additional stability to the panel.  I soldered the sections together at the end to create the single panel.  The sections went from the center out to the surrounding borders. In order for this to work, each section had to match the cartoon exactly so they would line up and keep the geometry of the design.

Planning Ahead

Caron Art Glass architectural stained glass crescent and star
ready to turn the panel over

Building two surfaces that would support the weight of the panel when we turned it over was another important consideration.  By planning ahead, they served double duty.  They also become the two faces of the crate in which the panel would be shipped.  With the help of my husband and neighbors, we were able to turn the panel.  Once it was complete,  we loaded it into the crate and shipped it to New Jersey.