Fused Glass Name Panel – celebrate someone special with this unique gift

Ms. MArci's Garden w back lightMs. Marci’s Class is a 15 inch x 15 inch fused glass panel ready to be suspended in front of a window or wall.  The panel was commissioned to celebrate a gifted teacher who brought out the best in each of her students.  In Hawaii, children are often refered to as flowers growing in a well tended garden.  Teachers are the gardeners who create a fertile environmet that promotes the  growth of each flower.  This was the inpration for the garden design.

Ms. Marci's Garden

The panel was created by first cutting the letters, rainbow and clear background glass to create an inlaid design that would create well defined features when fused under a layer of clear glass.  Each piece is hand cut from a variety of colors of transparent glass.  The garden elements were also hand cut, but from opaque glass, and then fused seperatley.  These pieces were then arranged onto the primary panel and tack fused.

garden elements


Once the panel was completed, I drilled a hole into each of the top corners and used a rectangular slip ring as the hanging hardware.  By putting a piece of clear tubing in the hole, there were no issues with the metal against the glass.  The client was very pleased and Ms. Marci was very well celebrated.