Fused Glass Art – Corporate Gifts to Celebrate Loyal Customers

IMG_3783Last year I was contacted by a company about creating a set of sculptures, gifts for their most loyal customers.  Each year this company selects a local artist to work with and last year it was me.  What a great opportunity and what a great policy.  The company gets unique art work to gift and the artist gets great exposure in the community.




IMG_4308The sulptures were smaller versions of a series I had done some years back.  The designs are my interpretation of the verses of a Hawaiian chant, Ke Ao Nani.  The chant celebrates the beauty of our world: the heavens, the land, the mountains and the sea.  It reminds us to appreciate all of the many gifts our island home offers each day.




IMG_4290Each design was anchored by the aqua color that is so particular to our sky and sea.  The company chose I Luna (the heavens) and i Kai (the sea) as the two desings for the gifts.  Though each piece shared one of the two desings, the area of dichroic glass was unique to each piece.




IMG_3778I was so impressed by this company.   They take the time to celebrate their customers with unique artwork and while doing so, provide opportunities for local artists.  Truly a win win situation:)