Fused Glass Light Panels- Outdoor Hanging Light Inspired by Greene and Greene

IMG_4189 This project was composed of 28 fused glass panels that combined areas of raked glass with areas of single color glass.  The raked glass was created by arranging the glass on a substrata of iridescent glass.  I then heated the glass to 1700 degress in my kiln and raked across the surface producing wonderfully organic shapes with colors swimming into each other.IMG_4185


Once the panels were completed, they were installed in a light box built in the style of the Arts and Crafts style chandeliers by Greene and Greene.  The design is continuous and wraps around and under the light fixtures.  The light box is suspended using sturdy leather straps from the cieling of the lanai.


The colors and kiln carved leaf shapes draw from the croton plants that are featured in the landscaping.  These hanging lights create a vibrantly colorful invitation to the front entry way of this island home.