Fused Glass Platter, Coasters, Wine Coaster and Stoppers – A Tableware Collection

IMG_3536The Tropical Weave collection of pieces started with a bucket full of ends that had been sliced off sheets of raked glass.  When I trim a piece, the leftovers are often quite beautiful – and so I saved them like shells from the seashore. IMG_3588IMG_3580



The trimmings were placed on edge and brought to a full fuse in the kiln.  The somewhat haphazard way that the pieces melted created  dabs of color that look like something Van Gogh might apply to one of his canvases.




The solid areas of color intensify the painterly quality of the raked glass ends.  I added glass stingers with the idea that their linear appearance would contrast with the dabbiness of the areas where the glass was allowed to do its own thing.



IMG_3535I ‘m particularly pleased with the tropical vibrancy of the colors.  The organic way the dabs  work together makes me think of woven textiles.  The irregularity looks like one of those rag rugs my grandmother always had in the kitchen.





I used the entire bucket of trimmings to create these pieces!  Leftovers used to make something new and beautiful – the Tropical Weave collection.