Fused Glass Sculpture – Hoe a mau: paddle together

Hoe a mau is an expression that conveys the importance of paddling together- each contributing to the effort, each relying on the other to be successful.  I used this as the point of departure for a set of three fused and kiln carved glass sculptures.  My first thought was to explore how the elements work together to create a dynamic environment in the natural world.

Gazing at stars gGazing at stars begins with verdant mountain slopes disappearing into rolling waves.  They in turn give way to the deep ocean that has its own stars- sea urchins.  As I carved the patterns and created the curves, the crags of the mountains became a face weathered by time, buffeted by life’s events.   Learning to embrace the deeper meaning of traveling the road with a soul mate comes with gazing at stars.

You'll always be there b


You’ll always be there started as an exploration of the sun and the moon -each playing their role, extending their reach toward the other, with the ever-present sea keeping them apart.  Each reaches out through the waves knowing that, no matter what, the other will always be there.  This piece became a love song.



Room for new growth e

Room for new growth explores the flow of molten lava as it roils down the slopes of the mountain and spills into the sea.  The force of the undulating waves of lava kiln carved into the glass like great sobs brought to mind the emotional turmoil that often precedes new understanding.


The evolution of these pieces as they came together took an interesting turn that I would not have predicted.  The story that started as a gaze into the distance became one that looked inward at elements paddling together in my own story- hoe a mau!

Michelle Caron