Kailua Hanging Lanai Lamp

The lanai lamp suspended above the table by heavy duty leather straps

This project consisted of 11 fused glass panels that were created to fit into a custom made Greene & Greene style light fixture.  The client wanted the glass to capture the feel of the ocean (which is just down the street from the house) with cool colors and swirling shapes.

Each panel is part of a complete design that encompasses all four sides and the bottom panels as well.  Cobalt and midnight blue eddies of color created focal points on each of the sides and in the center panel of the bottom that the other colors radiate out from and towards.

Kailua Lamp 2

Areas of raked glass (the glass is heated to a near molten state in my kiln and I then rake across the surface with a metal tool) add to the organic feel of the piece.  The raked pieces were created during separate firings. As some of these sections traverse two panels, they were created as a single piece and then divided and finally added to the assembly of each panel.  The panels were fired and then sized to match the wooden blanks created for each opening and finally fire-polished one more time in the kiln.

Kailua Lamp 4When the panels were finished, they were numbered and installed using silicone into the frame of the light fixture.  Finding the best light source was something of a challenge that the client solved by using flat LED panels that sit flush against the top and illuminate the piece without hot spots or heat build up.  The size and weight of the piece required hanging it from a sturdy beam using substantial leather straps.  The completed piece is a new take on a classic Arts and Crafts style light fixture.

Michelle Caron