C’est la lune que j’aime le mieux – It’s the Moon I Like the Best

C’est la lune que j’aime le mieux

C’est la  lune que j’aime le mieux is a fused glass table sculpture and accent light.  The central area of glass was created using a method called glass raking.  Pieces of different colored glass were heated to a near molten temperature in my kiln.  At this point, I opened the lid and using a metal rake, pulled the glass in different directions creating the fluid, ocean-like quality you see.


C’est la lune illuminated


The raked glass was combined with other colors using traditional fusing methods.  Dichroic glass was used to add further depth and interest.  As a final flourish, swirls, a Celtic knot design and the phrase “C’est la lune que j’aime le mieux” (It is the moon I like the best) were added using liquid platinum and firing once again.  At night, the lamp can be lit to illuminate the glass from behind.


C’est la lune- detail

The title of the piece and the phrase were inspired by the story “The Moon was the Best” by Charlotte Zolotow.  A mom and daughter are separated but realize that despite the great distance, they both see the same moon.  As my daughter prepares to go off to college this fall, she will take this piece with her.  The ocean’s movement will remind her of her home in Hawaii and the moon that we are not so far apart after all.

Michelle Caron