Happy Mother’s Day!

Bonne Nuit Jade

Mothers are our first and best teachers.  Much of who we become is due to the enormous influence our mothers have upon us.  Moments of insight and wisdom that seem to save the day are scattered amid the daily way of being that is cast to the next generation.

From my mother, I am keenly aware of the gift of single-minded determination and perseverance.  I push myself to achieve what I have set my sights on and if at first I don’t succeed, well, you know the rest.  This has supported me in my efforts to develop my artistic voice.  When I doubt that I have the chops, I recede a bit to regroup, but I don’t quit.  I keep on keepin’ on and each new resurgence reveals more of my artistic self.

Winkyn, Blinkyn and Nod

My daughter just sent in her Advanced Placement Art portfolio for adjudication.  I feel so honored to have been a part of her journey as she developed her own voice.  Her excitement and determination to take this challenge provided a wonderful opportunity for many conversations about process, design, conceptual development and just the multitude of possibilities.  By the end of the year, her concept for the portfolio had become more sophisticated and her skills allowed her to bring her ideas to realization.

The impact our mothers have on us and we in turn on our children is why we celebrate mothers today.  When we engage, share ideas, and are present in each others lives, we continue the reason to say Happy Mother’s Day!

These two pieces were created to celebrate the arrival of two new children.

Michelle Caron