Name That Tune: Lyrical Inspiration for Glass Art

Doudou A Moué

Inspiration can come from just about any direction- at any time.  Sometimes it comes from something you’ve seen, sometimes it comes at three in the morning.  If you’re lucky, it keeps coming.  The trick is to use the inspiration as a launch pad toward something personal and unique, something more than the inspiration itself.

I find that music and lyrics can offer an abundance of possibilities, in part because the very process of moving from sound or language to visual creates something new.  Doudou A Moué is a song from Martinique that tells of all the little things a lover will miss as he sets out to sea, perhaps never to return.  The poignancy is in the common place details that have come to mean so much- the jewelry and the brightly colored fabric that his lover wears.   As I was designing this piece, I was drawn to the idea of metonomy and decided to anchor the piece on the lines of a woman’s neck as they intersected with the fabric and jewelry.  The repetition of curves and circles invite the eye to linger, to remember.

Three Coins In The Fountain

Three Coins In The Fountain posed a challenge because the Trevi Fountain in Rome is a well known landmark.  What I loved about the melody and particularly the way Frank Sinatra sings it, is the undulating ripples of sound like water bubbling down the fountain steps.  This was the aspect I tried to express in the flowing lines and even the choice of the striated baroque glass I used as the focal point.  The glass and three gold coins I used in the base were a nod to the lyrics and the excitement of taking a chance on a wish.

For me, inspiration is the magical part of design.  It can be the impetus or the salvation of a process that is challenging, rewarding, frustrating.  It brings to bear my interests and passions and pushes me beyond what I know into new arenas.

Michelle Caron

These two pieces combine traditional stained glass with fused glass elements.  The bases include slate and glass mosaic which is framed in mahogany.  For more examples of my work, please see my portfolio at