If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Waimea Wave

Each piece I create teaches me something.  Some show me that my journey with glass is a long one.  Some let me celebrate the distance I have come.  Waimea Wave reminded me to enjoy and have faith in the process of discovery.

This project started out as an exploration of different ways to use glass frit:  sprinkling frit on top of glass bobbles to create a bubble pattern; overlapping colors and density to show a color gradient; using a sgraffito technique to reveal a pattern using the underlying glass.

Waimea Wave Reflections

The piece was informative and sort of interesting and I admit, I was a bit self-satisfied.  There were a few little things that I wanted to fiddle with so back into the kiln it went.  Though I try to keep my impatience in check, it reared its ugly head once more and I fired the piece before the kiln wash on the shelf was completely dry.  Of course, the result was a big, ugly, wart-like bubble right in the middle of the piece.  I tried firing it again but like Lady M and her spot, I could not rid my self of that damn bubble!  This was the door and I was being pushed through by the glass gods.

So I took out my nippers and started breaking away.  The glass broke in the most amazing arched shapes.  As I started laying them on the new blank, they created a sense of movement that I couldn’t have imagined or I confess, engineered on purpose.  The result was this wonderfully ebbing and flowing mix of colors and textures that fired beautifully (I made sure the shelf was fully dry!) even leaving a gently scalloped edge on part of the upper arc. The piece was so much more than what I started with.  I felt fortunate to have been pushed to keep going until the piece was truly finished.

Michelle Caron