Creativity is not linear

stained glass lamp

Creativity is not linear.  It can be tidal, treasured, the proverbial pot that won’t boil if you keep staring.   It is definitely not linear.

I knew what I wanted to build when I started this piece.  I knew where it would go and what it would do.  I had a clear vision of how it would be and then my vision didn’t work out.  The shade was built but the lamp wasn’t finished.

And so it was, collecting dust in various locations for longer than I realized.  I recently uncovered it and I could see its new ending – the configuration, the stand, the beading.  Now it was time.

Creativity is not linear.  It demands patience.

This piece is a six-sided table lamp.  The central design was inspired by a Khamsa (Hand of Fatima) from Khenifra in central Morocco.   It is composed of six stained glass panels with a turquoise fused glass cabochon at the center of each.  The copper overlays for the skirt design are based on woven textile designs.  The lamp has a copper stand that is decorated with solder sculpting.  The base is composed of six slate wedges and framed in mahogany.

For more views of the lamp, click on the link to my portfolio at Custom