Fused Glass Business Card Holders – a great gift for the entrepreneur in your life



First impressions matter.  A unique business card holder starts the conversation between you and a prospective client.  IMG_4070





I use free form areas of hand raked glass to create one of a kind business card holders.






Each can hold about 50 standard size business cards.  The rubber feet protect surfaces and add stability to the business card holders.






Fused Glass Name Panel – celebrate someone special with this unique gift

Ms. MArci's Garden w back lightMs. Marci’s Class is a 15 inch x 15 inch fused glass panel ready to be suspended in front of a window or wall.  The panel was commissioned to celebrate a gifted teacher who brought out the best in each of her students.  In Hawaii, children are often refered to as flowers growing in a well tended garden.  Teachers are the gardeners who create a fertile environmet that promotes the  growth of each flower.  This was the inpration for the garden design.

Ms. Marci's Garden

The panel was created by first cutting the letters, rainbow and clear background glass to create an inlaid design that would create well defined features when fused under a layer of clear glass.  Each piece is hand cut from a variety of colors of transparent glass.  The garden elements were also hand cut, but from opaque glass, and then fused seperatley.  These pieces were then arranged onto the primary panel and tack fused.

garden elements


Once the panel was completed, I drilled a hole into each of the top corners and used a rectangular slip ring as the hanging hardware.  By putting a piece of clear tubing in the hole, there were no issues with the metal against the glass.  The client was very pleased and Ms. Marci was very well celebrated.




Fused Glass Art – Corporate Gifts to Celebrate Loyal Customers

IMG_3783Last year I was contacted by a company about creating a set of sculptures, gifts for their most loyal customers.  Each year this company selects a local artist to work with and last year it was me.  What a great opportunity and what a great policy.  The company gets unique art work to gift and the artist gets great exposure in the community.




IMG_4308The sulptures were smaller versions of a series I had done some years back.  The designs are my interpretation of the verses of a Hawaiian chant, Ke Ao Nani.  The chant celebrates the beauty of our world: the heavens, the land, the mountains and the sea.  It reminds us to appreciate all of the many gifts our island home offers each day.




IMG_4290Each design was anchored by the aqua color that is so particular to our sky and sea.  The company chose I Luna (the heavens) and i Kai (the sea) as the two desings for the gifts.  Though each piece shared one of the two desings, the area of dichroic glass was unique to each piece.




IMG_3778I was so impressed by this company.   They take the time to celebrate their customers with unique artwork and while doing so, provide opportunities for local artists.  Truly a win win situation:)

Fused Glass Light Panels- Outdoor Hanging Light Inspired by Greene and Greene

IMG_4189 This project was composed of 28 fused glass panels that combined areas of raked glass with areas of single color glass.  The raked glass was created by arranging the glass on a substrata of iridescent glass.  I then heated the glass to 1700 degress in my kiln and raked across the surface producing wonderfully organic shapes with colors swimming into each other.IMG_4185


Once the panels were completed, they were installed in a light box built in the style of the Arts and Crafts style chandeliers by Greene and Greene.  The design is continuous and wraps around and under the light fixtures.  The light box is suspended using sturdy leather straps from the cieling of the lanai.


The colors and kiln carved leaf shapes draw from the croton plants that are featured in the landscaping.  These hanging lights create a vibrantly colorful invitation to the front entry way of this island home.




Fused Glass Platter – Starburst

Starburst Platter

The Starbusrt platter was commissioned as a display piece.  It  is an ample 18″ x 18″ with rounded courners.  It has a gentle one inch lift around the edges making it perfect for holding fruit, flowers, or seasonal decorations.


Starbusrt Platter



The platter is made from various combinations of hand raked glass.  I layered the glass, heated it to 1700 degrees in my kiln and then raked across the surface.  This creates the swirling patterns of color.  The glass was then cut to fit and fired atop a clear glass blank.Starburst platter - close up


The client wanted the look to be organic but with the energy of the design radiating out like a starburst.  The inspiration was a photo she had taken of the inside of a tulip flower.  The colors are vibrant with distinctive contrasts between light and dark, cool and warm.



Art Glass for Interior Design: fused glass cocktail table tops, cabinet inserts, dining coffer, wall sconces and wall light inserts

Rushmore, Nordlund 106 for Dave Fulton, designed by Ed Monk Jr.This project was for the interior of a yacht.  The client wanted a color palette that would bring the ocean inside.  To create the design, I used organic shapes that flow into and wrap around each other the way water currents might.

Rushmore, Nordlund 106 for Dave Fulton, designed by Ed Monk Jr.


By combining areas of raked glass with areas of single hue glass, the movment is fluid without being overwehlming. The design for the dining coffer wraps around the eight panels beginning as it ends.  03.1 Salon 7 - Art Glass Cocktail Table (Detail)_2 The palette used for the art glass set the tone for the rest of the furnishings.



The design for the two cocktail tabletops as well as for the three cabinet inserts is oreinted on the diagonal.  This establishes a visual dynamic between the two table tops.  The addition of dichroic glass adds a bit of sparkle.  The tables can be lit with LED lights installed within the table base.

Rushmore, Nordlund 106 for Dave Fulton, designed by Ed Monk Jr.


Wall sconces were added throughout the yacht.  Ribbons of color are paired with areas of white raked glass which adds subtle movment to the mostly white sconces.

Rushmore, Nordlund 106 for Dave Fulton, designed by Ed Monk Jr.




Panels which echo the wall sconses were installed in the pilot house to add some ambient light.

Rushmore, Nordlund 106 for Dave Fulton, designed by Ed Monk Jr.





This was an amazing project and I feel very honored to have been included.  The clients were very pleased with the results which was truly a team effort.  Working with the folks who constructed the interior of the yeacht, the interior designer and the company that put it all toghether was a tremendous learning experience which I treasure.





Fused Glass Hearts – a personalized gift

IMG_3610 IMG_3613 IMG_3690One of the great things about doing commission art is you get ideas from folks who know what they want but need helpd making the idea become a reality.  The idea for these fused glass hearts came from a client who wanted a unique gift for an engagement party.


The hearts are shaped from a piece of hand raked glass so no two are alike.  The swirling colors look fabulous with  or without back light.  They are finished with a low tarnish artist’s wire hanging loop, an Indonesian silver bead and matching bow.




They can hang against a wall, in front of a window, from a light or even outdoors from a tree.IMG_3520  Wherever you decide to hang one of these hearts, it will surely draw the eye.



They are personalized with a short message or pair of names which I write by hand on the glass using high temperture fired gold or platinum.  Once the glass is refired, the writing is permanent.  What a great way to tell someone what is in your heart.





Round Fused Glass Serving Platter – Ko`olau

IMG_3700 IMG_3698The Ko’olau mountains are part of my landscape.  We live at the foot of these windward mountians and their constantly shifting shadows and vibrant colors are a source of awe and inspiration.





The design of this round serving platter reflects the dramatic shapes of this mountain chain that runs like a spine on the island of Oahu.  I used raked glass to add visiual interest to the mountians and the sea.IMG_3704  Niblets of color course down the slopes reminiscent of the stunning waterfalls that arrive with every hard rain.

The shapes take on an abstract feel as areas of color intersect creating a weave of turquoise, green and violet.






Fused Glass Tableware- la Mer de Monet

la Mer de Monet set of 4 coasters


This collection includes a rectangular platter, wine bottle coaster, bottle stoppers and a set of 4 oversized coasters.




la Mer de Monet -bleu bottle stopper

Similar to the Tropical Weave pattern, I made la Mer de Monet by laying strips of hand raked glass on end to create a linear yet organic pattern.


la Mer de Monet wine bottle coaster




The color palette and the way the colors are separated yet flowing remind me of Claude Monet’s paintings of his water garden at Giverny.

la Mer de Monet platter w clementines





I added the sea grass to emphasize the flowing quality of the colors and to provide contrast with the linear pattern.