Fused Glass Panel – Change of Command Gift

Completed panelThis panel is a fused glass rendition of the regimental patch for the 27th Infantry nicknamed the “wolfhounds” (their mascot is an actual Russian wolfhound that lives on base named Kolchak). The panel was created by cutting each piece of glass to fit and then fusing them together under a clear cap.  The lettering was the big challenge.  The border is done using traditional stained glass methods.  The panel was a gift for the departing commander’s wife as part of the Change of Command ceremony.




Stained Glass Room Divider: Beveled Glass and Clear Textured Glass

Boca Raton installed Dining Room Side Natural Light)For this project, the client wanted a design that featured beveled glass and a selection of clear textured glass.  The panel was going to be installed in a wall that separates the dining room from a bathroom.

Boca Raton from ppposite sideThe panel includes several bevel clusters, stock bevels and fused glass nuggets.  The design was inspired by the client’s Portuguese heritage with  the central cluster reminiscent of the points of the compass.


Boca RatonThe combination of bevels and textured clear glass makes for a timeless look that the client will enjoy for years to come.




Happy National Small Business Week

As part of the celebration of National Small Business Week, Caron Art Glass is being featured in a blog posting that recognizes various small businesses from around the country.  It is sponsored by Endurance International Group, the parent company of Fat Cow and the host of my website.   If you’d like to take a look, here’s the link:



Stained Glass Panel to Celebrate Three Generations

IMG_4971This project was a Christmas gift from the client to her mother. She wanted the design to include her two daughters and her mother and to use her mother’s favorite colors, yellow, orange and red. After a few conversations about shared interests, special events and memories that might guide the design, the client remembered something her mother had always wanted to do- have a family portrait done with each of them dressed in white, flowing drapery. Her mom also has a favorite saying that she remembered hearing when she was a girl: “I love you to the moon.”

IMG_4969As this was going to be a family portrait, it seemed important to include all three generations. The four of them are dressed in flowing robes like Greek muses. The client and two daughters are standing, each carrying a sunflower, gathered around her mother who is seated with a bouquet of sunflowers on her lap. A scrolled banner bearing the quote in gold lettering is in the foreground.

IMG_4970The client wanted the faces to have some detail to them. Portraiture is not my strong suit as an artist and working from photos was a challenge. I realized at a certain point that for me, working with glass paint is more like sculpting than painting. I found myself having more control by removing paint rather than by adding paint.  I wanted the sunflowers to really stand out so I tack fused the elements to give them a dimensional quality. The lettering is done in liquid gold and fired at a high temperature for a brilliant finish.

The finished panel is a testament to the strong bonds of this close-knit family.

Dimensions: 18″ x 18″




Wine Serving Platter of Hand Raked Fused Glass and Up-Cycled Wine Crate Ends

IMG_4813As someone who enjoys all things viticulture, when I saw the folks at Vintage French Linens had wine crate ends from various Bordeaux wineries for sale, I knew I needed to buy some.IMG_4817  Each crate end is a piece of art in its own right but my challenge was to see how I could transform them into something interesting while also maintaining their artistic integrity.

At first, I had visions of complicated mosaic work using fused wine bottles to create mosaic tiles and including wine labels, corks, anything to do with wine.  Someday I may give that a try but this was not the time.  I decided to combine hand raked glass in colors reminiscent of a vineyard in the fall with a wine crate end to create a unique wine serving platter.IMG_4818

Though I cut into the crate end to create the space for the wine coaster, the winery logo is in tact flowing from the raked glass.  A bottle of wine nestles in the wine coaster while up to 6 wine glasses can be served on the crate end which is sealed to prevent drips from staining the wood.  The piece is framed in mahogany and has rubbed bronze handles on either end.  A votre santé!




Global Glass Exhibit – September 27 through November 1, 2015

This year’s Global Glass exhibit is up and running.  You can visit at www.sculpturefix.com   and see some really amazing pieces of glass art – including one of mine:)











Islamic Stained Glass Window: Crescent and Star

Abdul's CrescentWorking on a large panel when you are a solo artist in a small studio has some real challenges.  As I was developing the design for this project, it was clear that the structural elements of the window were going to play a very important role.  Years ago, I read an article about building large panels with the advise to “build it strong.”  I have always tried to heed these words but for this project, they were essential.  The panel dimensions were 62″ x 82″ and it was going to be shipped across the country to be installed in a second story window.

CP close-up 2

The design is very architectural and by using zinc came to frame various sections, the construction of the panel was more doable and the zinc provided additional stability to the panel.  I built the sections separately with areas that would be soldered together at the end to create the single panel.  The sections went from the center out to the surrounding borders. In order for this to work, each section had to match the cartoon exactly so they would line up and keep the geometry of the design.

almost done 1

Building two surfaces that would support the weight of the panel when we turned it to solder the back side and attach the re-bars was another important consideration.  They served double duty by also becoming the two faces of the crate in which the panel would be shipped.  With the help of my husband and neighbors, we were able to turn the panel and then finally load it into the crate ready to ship.

Fused Glass Business Card Holders – a great gift for the entrepreneur in your life



First impressions matter.  A unique business card holder starts the conversation between you and a prospective client.  IMG_4070





I use free form areas of hand raked glass to create one of a kind business card holders.






Each can hold about 50 standard size business cards.  The rubber feet protect surfaces and add stability to the business card holders.






Fused Glass Name Panel – celebrate someone special with this unique gift

Ms. MArci's Garden w back lightMs. Marci’s Class is a 15 inch x 15 inch fused glass panel ready to be suspended in front of a window or wall.  The panel was commissioned to celebrate a gifted teacher who brought out the best in each of her students.  In Hawaii, children are often refered to as flowers growing in a well tended garden.  Teachers are the gardeners who create a fertile environmet that promotes the  growth of each flower.  This was the inpration for the garden design.

Ms. Marci's Garden

The panel was created by first cutting the letters, rainbow and clear background glass to create an inlaid design that would create well defined features when fused under a layer of clear glass.  Each piece is hand cut from a variety of colors of transparent glass.  The garden elements were also hand cut, but from opaque glass, and then fused seperatley.  These pieces were then arranged onto the primary panel and tack fused.

garden elements


Once the panel was completed, I drilled a hole into each of the top corners and used a rectangular slip ring as the hanging hardware.  By putting a piece of clear tubing in the hole, there were no issues with the metal against the glass.  The client was very pleased and Ms. Marci was very well celebrated.