Caron Art Glass Studio

Caron Art Glass Studio Michelle Caron hand raked fused glassMy name is Michelle Caron and Caron Art Glass Studio is where I explore my passion for glass.  I design and create each piece by hand here in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  My work is small scale, deliberate and truly unique.



Project Portfolios

Caron Art Glass fused glass charger 20 inch diameter hand raked glass
charger – Ulu Pua (Garden of Inspiration)

I work with fused glass, traditional stained glass and art glass mosaic.  Examples of my work can be found in the project portfolios located further down on this page.  My project posts will keep you up to date on recent and upcoming events.   If you’re interested in commissioning a personal piece of art please contact me at  If you’re on Oahu and looking for a ready to purchase gift, give me a call (808-239-5533) to arrange a time to stop by my studio or check out my Etsy shop

Fused Glass

Caron Art Glass hand raked fused glass travel momento Lake Titicaca
kitchen window – Lake Titicaca

My fused glass work often incorporates hand raked glass.  This is a technique that I find fascinating as each piece has its own character and flow.  Raked glass adds a painterly quality to my work as the colors and shapes blend from one to the next.

Stained Glass

Caron Art Glass Tiare stained glass window
lanai window -Tiare

Stained glass can transform a sidelight, transom, or window into a piece of art.  I find nature and Hawaii in particular very inspiring and my designs often reflect this.  When commissioning a piece, your input can be as specific or general as you prefer.  A stained glass panel is a unique way to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, retirement or to add lasting beauty to your home.


Art Glass Mosaic

Caron Art Glass art glass mosaic n=house numbers keys dragonflies
house numbers – 609

Mosaic is an ancient artform that combines pattern, line, texture and color.  Its versatility can bring artistic flair to many surfaces and for many purposes from wall art to signs of welcome to house numbers and more.  I often incorporate found items and fused glass elements into my mosaic pieces to make them truly one of a kind.